The Pinball Arcade Adds 80s Classic Eight Ball Deluxe

Eight Ball Deluxe is not a flashy table.  It’s got no skill shot, the only drain from the plunger shot is directly into the field of three bumpers, no multiball mode, and there are only four sets of shots to take.  It’s hard to see why it’s such a great table when broken down to its component parts, but the design is a perfect example of excellence in minimalism.  There’s not a target on the board that doesn’t need to be there, and the layout is deceptively difficult.  With the latest Pinball Arcade update this classic is finally available in digital format, making it far more accessible than finding a leftover table from its three production runs.  You couldn’t find an arcade without a version of this table in the 80s, but even with its huge production numbers it’s gotten far scarcer over the decades.

Contrasting nicely with Eight Ball Deluxe’s minimalism, next month’s table is the far more complicated Doctor Who.  It’s a bit early to know if that also includes the updated original reskin, Doctor Who Regenerated, that uses the modern Doctors, but it would certainly make for a nicely busy month if they both showed up together.