LCS Semifinals Day 2

After a pretty great day of League of Legends we have the potential for another one today with the top teams finally taking the stage.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the likes of TSM and G2, but they’re back. G2 are taking on Unicorns of Love a team they shouldn’t have a problem with theoretically, but it’s the playoffs so you can’t take anyone lightly. UOL was on the hot seat for a while to make the playoffs but pulled it off in the final few weeks. Their first series was against Giants and that went to four games. Regardless as to whether it was quick and easy or long and arduous G2 will be a totally different beats. G2 has been a well oiled machine since the last split and they know it. They’ve already locked up at least the second seed so they’ve got that going for them. Today should be business as usual as they make their way to the finals to take on Splyce.

  • G2 vs UOL (3-1 G2)

It’s a rematch of last split’s finals but it couldn’t look any further from a great match. TSM has absolutely looked unstoppable this split and CLG took a minute to get going. CLG last took out the Piglet-less Team Liquid and dropped a game to the rookie ADC Jynthe. That’s not a knock on them either as nobody knew what to expect when he came on. It’s actually more expected but TL isn’t the beast the TSM is. TSM haven’t really been pushed past two games and even when they have they only lost to Phoenix 1 who looked really good once they finally got their full roster. Biofrost or otherwise known as BioGod has really done well in his rookie split alongside Doublelift. He’s been an incredible part of the team’s wins and has easily out performed what anyone thought he would have brought in his first foray on stage. So long as they haven’t lost a step this should be easy going, especially considering teams now have to lane against this duo and can’t get a nice lane swap going.

  • TSM vs CLG (3-1 TSM)