Screenshot Saturday Featuring Graceful Explosion Machine, Caveblazers, Many More

Every week is something new when Screenshot Saturday kicks into full gear.  The cascade of images from games of all sizes, most in development, some released in Early Access or even prototype form, show off the efforts of hundreds of developers as they put their strongest efforts into making the most incredible games they can.  The creativity on display is overwhelming, with games from every genre presented in a number of styles, each with the creators’ own personal spin put on them.  The ones that made it to this particular feature are those that caught my eye, but it’s always worth hitting up the hashtag and seeing what else is hiding in there.  As for this group, don’t neglect letting the animations animate, because there’s a lot of fun action hiding behind those blue arrows.

Nebular Crush- Side-scrolling shooter/platformer with a surfer taking down cyber-baddies, which sounds far safer than actually going surfing in the ocean seeing as his weapon is an electric guitar. There’s a demo available at the game’s site.

Deathtrash- Violent and rudely funny cyberpunk RPG, although it’s hard to tell from this shot. The areas have to be created somehow, though, and it’s always interesting to see how the art can be fit together to create a unique layout that doesn’t look all that much like it’s recycling assets.

Caveblazers- Fantasy dungeon-crawling action roguelike with a nice, fast battle system. This image shows off some chunky sword attacks and their bloody aftermath, but there are a good variety of other weapons to meet a quick, violent death with while wielding.

The Cycle- Robot-on-robot arcade isometric action. The low-poly, angular art combines with flat shading and high-impact hits to make a nicely dynamic battle arena.

Sheepwith- Rescue sheep in your biplane using a claw at the end of a rope. Wolves love tasty sheep, but thankfully the claw is indiscriminate with its grabbing tendencies so can pick up and fling things every which way. Fortunately, everything is bouncy and can take a drop or throw with good grace, and even put on a little diving helmet if it ends up in the water.

Domina- Train gladiators to fight for your glory in ancient Rome while working your way up the political ladder. If you watch this image with the sound off it’s almost impossible not to mentally put a dance track behind it.

Ruin of the Reckless- Roguelike dungeon romp focusing on melee attacks against swarms of tower-dwelling monsters. It’s also got environmental opportunities like trapped chests that would do nice things against a pile of baddies if knocked into their midst.

AquaNimble- Fishy shooter that isn’t shy about cramming the screen with bullets and other hazards but also tempting point rewards for those that want to live dangerously. While this image only shows a super-powerful blast, there are plenty of other ships and weapons available.

Oh…Sir!- The situation has gone horribly wrong and can only be solved by a war of words. Harsh words, words of insult and most offensive slander! Choose phrases from a list to string together the most unkind statements about the heritage, clothing, habits, and other unsavory traits of the bounder who has inspired your displeasure.

Ghost Bird- Puzzle platformer featuring the blue bird of happiness light working its way through darkened passages. The original Ludum Dare version can be found over here.

Talewind- Ok, so this one is hardly the most visually arresting image of the lot, but it’s a 2D platformer with a kid in a poncho that can catch the wind that blows down from the blue skies above.  It’s pretty and asked nicely for a signal boost, so here it is.

Unnamed- No idea, but look at those clouds drift by. So fluffy!

Behold- Twin-stick shooter where two fantasy armies, one of monsters and the other humans, are squeezing the life out of a non-copyright-infringing beholder-style monster. As it turns out, this beast is tough, insanely powerful, and loaded with all sorts of magic beams. Maybe someday there will be peace between the warring factions once the non-beholder has fried, frozen, exploded, and broken every last combatant.

Mugsters- Run like mad and steal every vehicle you can in a low-poly chase as you’re pursued by giant mecha-spheres, crowds of angry rioters, and the occasional flying saucer. Also, be careful of strange machinery, because who knows what it might do.

Graceful Explosion Machine- Fly in a free-scrolling horizontal arena and blast all the things with whichever of your four weapons fits the situation. Each weapon uses a different amount of energy, so you can’t just spam the Overpower button, but it’s fun if you can keep the energy levels topped off with those little yellow diamonds the enemies leave behind..

Bonus Image

Unnamed- Just a reminder that even the things that look simple can sometimes take a near-inhuman amount of effort to get working right. Games are complicated and there’s no one perfect way to make