Yooka-Laylee’s Playtonic Shared Universe Could Be Revolutionary

Universes are all the rage these days. Everything between the pages of comic books, to the cinema to television, the idea to branch both iconic and lesser-known characters throughout a continuing timeline all set within the same universe is an endless sequel goldmine. Nevertheless, there has been an untapped well of wealth here and the creative minds behind the upcoming Kickstarter game Yooka-Laylee have already started laying down the foundation on their video game universe.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer when you think about it. Why not take all the characters that your company/publisher owns and set them all up under a shared universe in-order to continue to build up your worlds while also providing yourself the opportunity for crossovers and spin-off sequels. Some would say this has already been done in the realm of video games before, but not to the effect of, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The closest company/publisher to achieve this feat would most likely be Nintendo, but fighting games, kart games and party games don’t really count. When thinking of a shared universe, what comes to mind is different stories and adventures within the same world.


The fellas down at Playtonic Games have suggested that the cast and characters that will appear in Yooka-Laylee will also appear in other Playtonic games down the road. It was revealed during a six minute Yooka-Laylee gameplay video from Gamescom that Playtonic has already been thinking about there “Playtonic Universe” by at least five games ahead of Yooka-Laylee, assuming that the end product is financially successful in order to build upon the idea and its universe. The idea of having continuous storylines for characters, which could be built upon throughout various different Playtonic entries, is groundbreaking.

Think about it, take the Marvel comics and cinematic universe and twist it into an on going video game universe where more about these seemingly minor and or side characters backgrounds are expanded upon while the overall lore of it is built from the ground up, the universe growing alongside them. The possibilities are endless and the fact that ex-Rare employees are the minds behind this shared, ever-expanding universe is the icing on the platforming cake. Not only will platforming and collect-a-thon fans most likely receive more than one entry to mess about in, but also they will have their own little platforming universe to get lost in throughout the years to come.


The only question is what kind of games would we like to see come out of this studio after work has finished on Yooka-Laylee? Could we possibly get more spiritual successors to nostalgic Rare titles, or will Playtonic games look to create something new entirely? The possibilities are endless but what we would like to see the most out of anything is a Yooka-Tooie and then a spin-off title set-in a Donkey Kong Country or 64 setting or even better a Conker’s Bad Fur Day spiritual successor with a character from Yooka-Laylee you wouldn’t expect to be so vial and inappropriate. Heck, personally I would be happy with just about anything these guys put out whether it be a spiritual-successor or something entirely new all together.

Based off of everything about the Yooka-Laylee game we have seen up to this point, it’s safe to say that Playtonic Games has already lived up to the hype and expectations of delivering a spiritual successor of Banjo-Kazooie. Between what has been shown gameplay-wise and what has been playable throughout the games development period, the game is looking to shape up to be just about everything and Playtonic games has promised with an extra cherry with googly eyes on top of it.