Futuristic Racer Redout Launching Next Week

High-speed, high-octane racers seem to be like buses at present: you wait for one and then two come along at roughly the same time. Following from Shin’en Multimedia’s acclaimed Wii U racer in Fast Racing Neo last year, developer 34BigThings have released a brand new launch trailer which showcases some of the game’s blistering pace. The developers haven’t tried to hide the fact the game is as much a homage to the classic racers of past, the F-Zero’s and Wipeout’s alike, also claiming Redout will be an “uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience”.

What’s more, the game will support not only online multiplayer up to 12 players, but the developer has confirmed Redout will be VR compatible for both Oculus & HTC Vive. Though the game will release on September 2 for PC first, both PS4 & Xbox One versions have been confirmed to be in development. Check out the new trailer below.