LGBTQ-Focused Convention GX4 is Right Around the Corner

There are tons of gaming conventions around the world, but most do not put a focus on LGBTQ topics and themes. GaymerX is different in this key way. By offering an immensely welcoming atmosphere to anybody, it’s a great event to hang out, play games, and even learn something new.

GX4 is coming up in a little over a month¬†now.¬†There are multiple tiers of tickets, but the lowest are $65 for the entire weekend. However, if you can’t afford a ticket you may be able to snag a free one by attending Silicon Valley Pride on August 27.

Attendees of GX4 will get to meet and listen to speakers such as David Gaider of Bioware, Mark Barlet of AbleGamers, and many others. GX4 takes place from September 30 to October 2 in Santa Clara, California.