Star Citizen Gets In-Depth Gameplay Demo at Gamescom

Star Citizen, the upcoming space adventure game from Cloud Imperium Games, was shown off quite a bit at Gamescom this year. An almost hour long demo was shown and now it has been uploaded to YouTube.

The video gives play-by-plays of some of the key things you’ll be doing in Star Citizen. From taking on missions, to traveling through space, and even rummaging through space wreckages. It also gives an in-depth look at some of the different ways a mission’s storyline can go. In this particular mission, a small multiplayer crew takes a security job, where they protect a smuggler type who is up to no good.

Star Citizen is still in its Alpha stage, but with 3.0, they’ve been adding a lot. Star maps, working ladders and elevators and small details like atmospheric head when entering an atmosphere are all new features that are being implemented and tested.

Check out all the new stuff, and a very excited crowd, in the Gamescom demo here:

As it is still in Alpha, Star Citizen does not yet have a release date.