NBA 2K17 #FRICTION Trailer

Ben Simmons, blimps, cannons, trampoline dunky things that happens between quarters, James Harden playing defense. All these never before seen additions to the NBA 2K franchise are shown off in #FRICTION. Okay, the trailer doesn’t actually feature Harden playing defense because, let’s be honest, that would be ridiculous. More importantly, a few gameplay elements are evident on close inspection of the video. More realistic player contact, jostling, and altered dribble move mechanics are all somewhat evident if you keep your eye out for them. Additionally, the trailer shows off the impressive appearance of the game, with more detailed and varied facial expressions to go along with player celebrations. Add a pretty sweet tune from Imagine Dragons and this trailer is easily enough to get this particular writer hyped for the upcoming game despite the worrying drought of forthcoming information about the game.

NBA 2K17 is set for release on September 20, however, players can play the game four days early by pre-ordering. Check out the #FRICTION trailer below.