Ernest Now Available in Battleborn

Season pass and digital deluxe owners of Battleborn have a new hero to play with today, as Ernest has been released. This “bombirdeer” (their word, not mine) comes to the field packing a grenade launcher, sticky charges, and the ability to lay a grid of mines as his Ultimate. Perfect for offensive players with bad aim, the avian explosives expert can deal out the splash damage, while landing a direct hit with a launched grenade confers an extra 15% bonus hurt. Of the post launch characters, Ernest is the one that has my attention.

Gearbox has also announced the next, and twenty-ninth hero: Kid Ultra. There isn’t much information on him yet, just that he will be mechanical in nature and acts as a healer and support class, something that the randoms I find don’t seem to understand… Still, I’ll gladly take him for a spin when he launches at a later date. It should also be noted that the heads of both are still larger than Montana’s. For none shall outdo the head to body ratio of Montana.

Battleborn Kid Ultra