LCS Rookies of the Split

Before we get our MVPs this weekend here are the two outstanding rookies of the Summer split in the EU and NA.

Night of Giants Gaming

In EU we have Night of Giants Gaming taking home the rookie of the split award. Though they were taken out last round by Unicorns of Love Giants Gaming definitely had a split to remember and that was due in large part to Night’s play in the mid lane. The cool and confident mid laner said that one of his biggest struggles this split was going against aggressive mid laners like Perkz and that’s what will give him a hard time. With the Gauntlet around the corner let’s see how far this new minted Rookie of the split can lead his team.

Biofrost of Team SoloMid

In NA it should come as no surprise that Biofrost  of TSM took home the honors of Rookie of the split. Biofrost has had an amazing split racking up huge wins for his team and giving Doublelift an aggressive counterpart to work with. He’s earned several nicknames, but his favorite is BioGod and that was earned after an incredible Stand behind me into Unbreakable to not only stop Cloud9’s top laner, Imptact, from getting the kill, but to earn one on him for his team. Unlike our other rookie Biofrost and TSM have locked up a guaranteed Worlds spot and are playing this weekend to get he first seed. If they lose they’ll be number two and still punching a ticket.