Final Fantasy XV is Open-World in the First Half, Linear in the Second

Those hoping for a 100% open-world Final Fantasy game may find Final Fantasy XV a little disappointing.

Much of Final Fantasy XV’s trailers have focused on showing Noctis and company wandering a vast open-world. Many assumed that, for the first time in over a decade, Final Fantasy would finally return to the open-world structure it had pre-Final Fantasy X. However, according to a translated interview from director Hajime Tabata, the entire game isn’t open-world.

Speaking with Famitsu (translated by Siliconera), Tabata revealed that only the first half of Final Fantasy XV will be open-world. The second-half will be linear.

“The entire game structure for Final Fantasy XV consists of both open-world and linear parts,” said Tabata. “The first half keeps going as an open-world, but the story in the second half’s is led by a linear path. That way, you won’t get bored of an open-world as the rest of the game gets tightened up, so we made it in a way that you’ll also get to advance through it as you have in conventional Final Fantasy games. If you play through the first half and only the main route of the second half, I believe the estimated play-time sits at around 40 to 50 hours.”

While it is disappointing that Final Fantasy XV won’t 100% embrace the open-world nature of earlier Final Fantasy games, at least we’re getting a lengthy game. This is also the most open a Final Fantasy game has been in over a decade. Final Fantasy XV is out November 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.