Starr Mazer Prequel Released to Early Access

Starr Mazer is coming along nicely but, as its point & click adventure/horizontal shooter world comes together, there’s more story to tell than will fit in a single game.  Star Mazer DSP takes place 130 years in the far-flung future’s past, during The Great War against the G’ell armada.  Each game sees you hiring a squadron of pilots flying unique ships, one after the other until all lives are expended.  Once gone they’re gone for good, but the accumulated score (or in-game currency Sk: Ore) is used to hire a new batch, the best you can afford.  Or you can cheap out and try to save up for a really powerful set of heroes on a future game, depending on how you feel like dealing with the budget.  The aliens don’t care how you spend your money; they’re just going to attack in massive numbers until your squadron it torn to pieces by attrition.

The first version of the Early Access release has three full levels complete and two more as work-in-progress, and more are on the way until the full 9 levels across three story acts are complete.  Current plans call for more of pretty much everything with a planned completion time of March 2017 at the latest.  In the meantime, however, it’s time to get a lot of heroes killed in the line of duty as they go up against an alien swarm that’s no less deadly for being only partially complete.