Alleged New Duke Nukem Game is Called 3D World Tour

Following earlier reports this week that a new Duke Nukem title could be announced fairly soon, it would seem that someone has gone and leaked details of the suspected game earlier than planned. Posted on Reddit, the new Duke Nukem game is called Duke Nukem: 3D World Tour — described as both a 3D remaster and remix of the original 1996 title. The leaker, which provides a series of supposed screenshots, states that Nerve Software are behind development.

He/she goes on to say that co-op as well as online deathmatch will be included alongside the main single-player mode though they, as quoted, are “not 100% sure on it”. Naturally, no matter how slick or legitimate these images may be, it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt until Gearbox Software confirm or otherwise rule out these details. All eyes are on next week’s PAX West to see if the studio have anything in store for the series.