LCS Grand Finals

This is it. Today two champions will be crowned and if it’s anything like the rest of the playoffs these matches will be great.

In the EU LCS we have a matchup between the first and second seed teams. This is a huge match for Splyce as they don’t have any champioship points to get them a second seed. If they lose today they would need to win the Gauntlet to get into Worlds. On the other side G2 has locked up either spot for themselves with a first place finish in last split. So regardless their ticket is punched, they’re just playing for first or second in both the LCS and Worlds seeding. In G2’s matchup against UOL they didn’t look so hot. Yeah they only dropped one game, but those three games were earned.

  • Splyce vs G2 (3-2 G2)

This is a match up everyone is used to and once again the NA LCS will not have a unique champion. Every single Final has featured either TSM, Cloud9, or CLG, and after the first championship has featured matchups with two of those three teams. While we all know that fact it’s extremely impressive every time you hear it. With a TSM win CLG automatically grab the second seed and C9 have to go through the Gauntlet to make it to Worlds. If C9 win TSM get second and CLG have to earn it in the Gauntlet. It’s a pretty big matchup happening today. TSM vs C9 is always a crazy time and today won’t be any different. Hopefully we’ll be hearing Silver Scrapes one more time.

  • TSM vs C9 (3-2 C9)