LCS MVPs Revealed

As far as solo accolades go this is it. Who was the best player of the split? Who meant the most to their team week in and week out? Usually it’s not just the first, but more a combination of that and who’s team did the best, but nevertheless you end up with a deserving person winning it.

In the EU, with a overwhelming margin of points, we have Trick of G2 taking home the MVP hardware. Trick is the jungler for G2 and the man setting everything up for the team throughout the game. He gets his lanes going and is repaid with dominance from them throughout the rest of the game. It’s a pretty sweet gig. Trick and co. have one more game to go to make it to Worlds. Let’s see if they can put it together one final time.

In a much closer race Team Solomid’s Bjergsen beats out his teammate Doublelift to take home the MVP honors. The leader and captain of TSM for years now Bjergsen is having himself an amazing split. We all know TSM always ends up in the finals and Bjerg is always a big part of that, but this split he has a team around him that further allows him to carry. BioGod in the bot lane along with Doublelift help to take the spotlight off of him and give him some more room to carry. It’s been an incredible split for TSM and they have one more match to go before Worlds. Let’s see if the Danish God can lead his team to another one.

If you’re interested you can see the voting breakdown here.