LCS Third Place Matches

Before we crown the new kings of the split some housekeeping must be done and knock out the 3/4 place teams.

In the EU LCS we have UOL vs H2K for the third place match. Third place is still a very important match because you still need to get as many points as you can to qualify for second. The only other option after that is to win the the grueling gauntlet for the lowly third spot. While I don’t know their championship point totals H2K and UOL both should be taking this seriously because at the very least this will give you good seating going into the gauntlet. H2K put up a good fight last week against the second best team in the EU and went all 5 matches. UOL did the same against G2 except for it went four and was more G2 being in the way of themselves. Still going with H2K here. Always trust in GodGiven, especially when it’s his last go.

  • UOL vs H2K (3-2 H2K)

On the other side we have IMT taking on CLG in another match that’s likely lopsided. Though they won the Spring split this is not the same CLG. They’ve been having a rough go since MSI, but still could use a win today. If TSM win tomorrow and CLG win today they should lock up the second spot. As for IMT I’m not sure considering their early exit last split at the hands of their own hubris. Last split is gone though and IMT still look very very good. They may have lost last week, but they gave C9 everything they had. As for CLG I’m not sure what they’ll do is Sol isn’t available. Huhi had a rough go without his favorite dragon.

  • IMT vs CLG (3-1 IMT)