New Berserk Trailers Feature Casca and Judeau

A long-running anime and manga series, Berserk is a very dark, medieval fantasy tale with great monsters, sadistic evil, plenty of sorrow, extra doses of suffering, and so, so much violence. A modern video game adaptation of the series’ less human, more killing-oriented side is in the works by Dynasty Warriors creator Tecmo Koei. As such, it is no surprise that this upcoming, working title, Berserk game resembles the exact kind of man-mowing action Tecmo Koei is known for. Fans of Berserk may take interest in the two latest little gameplay features released for the game, featuring Casca and Judeau. First-print copies of the game in Japan will also include a wet, white cloth outfit for Casca, for those interested.

See Casca and Judeau in action below, respectively. Japan gets Berserk physically for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but only digitally on PlayStation 3, on October 27. North America and Europe can expect Berserk physically on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but digitally on PC via Steam, sometime this Fall.




Source: All Games Delta