TSM Win the NA LCS Grand Finals

The only team to compete in every NA LCS final wins it yet again over Cloud9.

It was a crazy run of four games between the two NA giants, but TSM outplayed C9 enough to take the first seed going into Worlds. With their win they also punch a ticket for CLG as they qualify based on league points.

Cloud9 still has a chance to qualify, but have to win two BO5 matches to make it. The final match will be against Immortals who they beat in the Semifinals earlier. It’s not going to be the easiest of roads for them, but they did grind their way through the bottom of the Gauntlet last Summer split to make it.

TSM has cemented their place as the winningest team ever in NA and can ride off into Worlds with the Coach of the split, Rookie of the Split, MVP, and the Number one spot. It’s been a crazy split for them and they’ve been dominating at every turn. Hopefully that’ll continue into a great Worlds run for NA.