Check out Twenty Minutes of Free-Roaming Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

With Assassin’s Creed taking the year off, Ubisoft is hoping that Watch Dogs 2 will be able to provide open-world fans with the highly-detailed settings and tall towers they so desire. To get potential players hyped for its arrival, the longest, mostly-uninterrupted look yet at the modern hacking game has been released.

Featuring almost twenty minutes of brand-new gameplay, the video below shows off a strong look at what players will be able to get their hands on in just a few months. Animation Director Colin Graham narrates this extended glimpse at Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco, detailing key aspects of the improved hacking, driving, and customization mechanics, as well as providing a peek at the seamless multiplayer modes and impressive graphics. Listen to fast-paced dialogue between new protagonist Marcus Holloway and his friends, take a selfie with a crab statue, and discover much more of what Ubisoft’s latest sequel has to offer in the gameplay below.

If mere watching isn’t enough, gamers can look forward to taking control of Marcus’ journey when Watch Dogs 2 launches November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.