Sony Announces September 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup

If there’s one thing PlayStation fans have been annoyed with in the last few months, it’s that the lacking PlayStation Plus games. It didn’t help that Sony announced the other week that the service will be increasing in price by $10 US ($20 CAD). With a lacking PlayStation 4 offering on the soon-to-be $60 annual service, it is becoming increasingly questionable for those who don’t play multiplayer.

Fortunately, while Sony has yet to say why they have increased the price, at least the month of its increase will contain a better than usual lineup of games.

For PlayStation 4, the award winning Journey will be handed out, alongside the Dark Souls inspired Lords of the Fallen. For last generation players, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura will be available at no additional cost. Finally, Badland and Amnesia: Memories will round out the PlayStation Vita’s offerings.

Overall, this is a much better month, one of the best for PlayStation 4 fans by far. Here’s hoping Sony continues with this momentum in the future.