Volition Shows Off Unreleased Saints Row Money Shot Footage

Today Volition, the developer of the Saint’s Row series, has premiered footage of the unreleased, Saint’s Row Money Shot, which was originally set to be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS.

Saint’s Row Money Shot is the never released Saint’s Row title that took place between Saint’s Row 2 and Saint’s Row: The Third.

Here’s a leaked description of the game:

“You are Cypher, a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row, and you hunt the most elusive targets with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer. How sophisticated? You have the ability to control the of your bullet to such a degree that you can weave through the hallway of an apartment complex, steer through the legs of a hooker, and even snake your way through a moving train! Avoid striking solid objects and unintended bystanders and make sure you hit your mark!”

Check out the MoneyShot footage right here.