Aki Engine-Inspired Wrestling Game Saturday Knights Hits Kickstarter

The Aki engine has been a benchmark for pro wrestling games for the better part of 20 years now. First used in Virtual Pro Wrestling, it evolved into the best pro wrestling game engine ever seen up to that point – and arguably the best ever used for a 3D wrestling game. However, it hasn’t been in use in many years, with the last games using being licensed products with the Ultimate Muscle branding attached. The developers of Saturday Knights have taken to Kickstarter to get their dream game made – and have licensed several independent pro wrestling stars, with Ring of Honor’s Young Bucks and Lucha Underground’s Willie Mack being the biggest names attached to it.

Core modes include singles matches, tags, three way dances, triple threats, fatal four ways, four way elimination matches, 6 and 8 man tags, submission matches, and last man standing matches. They want to make something new, and will be crafting a create a deathmatch mode as one of their stretch goals. Other stretch goals include adding Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver, Chris Bosh, Scott Lost, B-Boy, Lufisto, Zokre, and Phoenix Star to the roster alongside a slew of other wrestling-related and creation modes. They are asking for $270,00 and have 33 days to go. $20 gets you a copy of the game with a Kickstarter-exclusive character in Joey Ryan, while $60 gets you the game, a shirt, and a spot in the credits, and $120 gets you  everything and the ability to make a sign in the crowd.