LCS Gauntlet Day 1

Today we finally have the start of the Regional Qualifiers or better known as the Gauntlet kicking off. Four EU teams and Four NA team will compete against the rest of their countrymen and the final Worlds slot for each region will be filled by the teams that make it out in the end. For the team with the lowest amount of championship points this is an ordeal that could span five BO5 matches, it’s a glorious occasion.

In the EU we have Giants and UOL kicking things off. Giants, much like their counterpart Splyce, were sitting at the bottom of last split and fighting for their LCS lives. Now they’re on the stage fighting for their chance to punch a ticket to Worlds. That’s a huge swing. Regardless as to how this ends for them they have to feel good about what’s to come if they can manage to build off of it. They have the Rookie of the split on their squad and a lot of time to improve. UOL on the other hand has always been a team in this position. They sit in the middle of the pack and have a decent group, but can’t manage to pull it all together making them elite. That being said, they are the favorites here and should be able to take care of business to see Fnatic next week.

  • Giants vs UOL (3-1 UOL)

Taking from EU, NA is now the site of a little bit of drama. To kick off the split Dardoch and Team Liquid were rumored to be having some differences due to his ego. Fast forward through a mediocre split starting with a suspension for their star jungler and you have what we have today and that’s TL competing without him in their first game of the gauntlet. To top things off they’ve also lost Fabbbyyy/the man that took over for Piglet. Unless they’ve truly figured something out it’s unlikely Arcsecond and new ADC,  Jynthe, are going to help lead the way through a BO5 let alone three of them to make it to Worlds. If they do it’ll be a bigger story than C9 coming from the depths last season to make it. The likely winner of today is Team EnVy and their solid group of up and comers. They were eliminated 3-1 by C9, but have a solid group of guys that can definitely compete against the upper tier teams. With that in mind they may drop one, but overall this should be a cake walk for them en route to a rematch against C9.

  • TL vs EnVy (3-1 EnVy)