World of Warcraft: Legion Post-Launch Patch Invades iOS, Android and Karazhan

PAX West is full of panels so you know coming off the recently launched Legion the fine folks at Blizzard were all but soulbound to present some sort of new information! Sure enough Lead Designer Luis Barriga, Lead Designer Cory Stockton and Senior Designer Eric Maloof updated us on what’s to come post-launch of World in Warcraft: Legion.

Blizzard isn’t one to let their foot off the gas and to be sure the community is well aware of their commitment to content they’ve already announced the next patch that will be hitting in just a few weeks. Players will see an old dungeon turned new with Patch 7.1 – Return to Karazhan. This 5 player Mythic Dungeon with 9 bosses will have a weekly lockout on each character so be sure to get a couple to 110 if you’re interested in running it multiple times.

In the new patch there will also be a sneak peak for the Suramar quest zone and Trial of Valor Raid. On top of all these goodies perhaps the most interesting addition will be in the form of a Legion Companion App for iOS and Android. Look for the app on devices starting September 6, 2016.

Check out the visuals for Return to Karazhan and the Legion Companion App below and if you’re interested in the full panel you can find it here. Ding