LCS Gauntlet Day 2

Well that was an incredibly quick day of League of Legends. In the two BO5s played yesterday both Unicorns of Love and Team EnVy dismantled their opponents in three games. Today will be considerably more difficult, however, as EnVy face Cloud9 and UOL face Fnatic.

UOL made quick work of their day one opponents, but that likely won’t happen here. Fnatic ¬†aren’t the best team and in fact are having their worst split in a while, but they do deserve some respect as they do have some great players. So long as they don’t commit the drafting fails that they did agaisnt H2K this could be a pretty good series, but if they haven’t managed to learn anything and pick/ban better this could go sour for them quick. It may be to my detriment, but I’m going to side with G2’s mid laner Perkz and say that Fnatic don’t have a shot.

  • UOL vs Fnatic (3-2 UOL)

EnVy may have broken a sweat in the first game of the series against Team Liquid as they had to fight their way back, but after that comeback win they dominated the other two games. Their biggest problem though was getting an early game lead. It hurt them severely in the first game and slightly in the second. The third game they decided to invade and slow down Arcsecond, but even the the lead they got from the first blood was nothing considering they never took a camp from him. Now they face C9 who shouldn’t be susceptible to any of that. They can jump out to an early lead and punish or keep the game going as long as they need to be be even. Their greatness at the team/macro game is all they’ll really need to possibly make short work of EnVy again. Here’s to hoping they do so we get another C9 vs IMT BO5.

  • EnVy vs C9 (3-1 C9)