Humble GameMaker Bundle Now Available

The Humble Bundle has dabbled in game creation tools before, but today marks its first foray into GameMaker. You can pay what you want for GameMaker: Studio Pro, Uncanny Valley, Cook, Serve, Delicious, INK, Sheep Hard, and Angry Chicken while also getting the source code for the latter two games and Extreme Burger Defense and Freeway Mutant. Beating the average of around $6 gets you source code for five more games along with Galactic Missile Defense, Home, Solstice, and an HTML5 Module for GameMaker. Paying $15 gets you the Android, iOS, and Windows Modules alongside more source code and Flop Rocket. You can get a demo of 10 Second Ninja X along with Extreme Burger Defense and Freeway Mutant for free just by entering your e-mail address on the bundle page.