The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Out Now in US

A lesser known JRPG franchise, the Legend of Heroes series has earned a smaller, cult following with this humble beginnings but surprising quality. Where the Legend of Heroes games lack in visual fidelity, auditory stimulation, and streamlined design, they more than make up for it in impressive world-building, dense content, and characterization. The latest in this series to hit North American shores is Trails of Cold Steel II, and if it’s much at all like its sublime predecessor, it’s one to keep an eye on.

Originally released in Japan, in 2014, Trails of Cold Steel II starts just one month after the events of the first game. Set in the nation of Erebonia, players control Rean, a student in Class VII of the Thors Military Academy. Fans of the more recent Persona games will be happy to know that creating bonds and actually getting to know the party members will lead to unique moves in combat thanks to the game’s Link System. Additionally, owners of the first Trails of Cold Steel can transfer their clear data from that game to get some bonus stats and items. Perhaps more importantly though, relationships cultivated in the first game will also trigger some unique dialogue in the sequel. Likewise, the turn-based tactical combat makes a return and world exploration is made more expedient this time around with new modes of transportation.

See the launch trailer for Trails of Cold Steel II below. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is out now in the US for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita – with a European release on November 11.

Stay tuned for our Trails of Cold Steel II review, coming very soon. Those hankering for more details right now can check out our latest preview.