ARPG ZENITH Gets Trailer, Giveaway

Older-school ARPG game fans will be happy that ZENITH, from BadLand Games and Infinigon, is getting over to PlayStation 4 and Steam. In ZENITH, players take on the role of Argus, a wizard in his thirties who is called upon to protect a powerful artifact from self-important “heroes” with dumb clothes and dumber weapons. As a world-saving, dungeon-crawling veteran himself, Argus hoped to retire until some new, younger heroes roll around looking to get access to magical dangers.

While its premise and context do play parody to the conventions of the genre, ZENITH is still looking like a competent ARPG in its own right. Those who want to win a copy of the game can get involved with an ongoing giveaway. To celebrate BadLand Games’ fifth birthday, they’re giving away twenty game codes on Twitter until National Video Game Day on September 12. Entering the giveaway is easy – just retweet this tweet.

Catch a trailer for ZENITH below. ZENITH is coming soon on PlayStation 4 and Steam.