The League of Legends Worlds Patch is here

We usually don’t highlight League patches, but this one is special because it hosts the changes you’re going to be seeing on the big stage.

If you were wondering who was going to get nerfed and buffed one last time then now you know. There are some interesting changes coming along, but Riot maintains that it’s in the best interest of how the whole post 6.15 laning phase patch has been working out.

Some of the bigger changes are the nerfs to Gnar, Ekko, Shen and Vlad. These champs have been big picks as of late and might not see the same time they’re used to. Ekko in particular was hanging on to a thread after the “tank ekko” build was demolished earlier. Now they’re coming after his AD and utilization of Trinity Force. Also Gnar is taking a big hit to his W passive and E cooldown as well as prompting a nerf to Frozen Mallet. He and Yasuo were the main abusers of the item as it allowed them to stick to enemy once they got the advantage.

Buffs are interesting as Lee Sin is getting one, Miss Fortune and inexplicably Lux. Lee is getting a buff to his W’s life steal and spell vamp, while MF is getting a buff to her passive “Love Tap” and it’s damage to turrets. It’s going from 50 percent to 100. The odd one of the bunch is Lux and the buff to the slow on her E “Lucent Singularity.” She saw some time in the meta earlier this split as a nice safe pick, but it’s hard to see her coming back. Another notable buff is to Nocturne and the changes to his E “Unspeakable Horror.” The duration of the terrify is increasing and if he doesn’t see any action at Worlds I’m sure he’ll ruin your SoloQ games.

There are some more changes taking place like Rek’Sai getting nerfed again. You can read them all here.