Limited Run Games’ Updated Schedule Now Includes Thomas Was Alone

It’s been well known that Mike Bithell’s game Volume was getting a nice physical release from Limited Run Games but today it was announced that Thomas Was Alone is getting the same treatment.  While Volume is still off in the unknown future, Thomas Was Alone has been slotted into the current schedule releasing alongside One Way Heroics.  This brings the current plan for this month to three games.

Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (PS4, Vita) is going up for sale this Friday, September 16.  This is actually the second in an RPG series, and while it can be played as a stand-alone game there are a few callbacks for those who played the first.  If it does well (which seems pretty likely) the developer has already said they’d love to have the first game published as well.

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (PS4, Vita) is coming two weeks later on September 30.  The expanded and enhanced version of the roguelike RPG just came out at the tail end of July and two months later is prepped for its physical release.

Thomas Was Alone (PS4, Vita) is also September 30, making for a pricey day for those keeping a complete collection.  It’s a minimalist platformer that combines clever use of its simple shapes with a wonderful narration to create a truly memorable indie game.

As usual, if you’re interested then set your calendars for the release dates, and don’t bother trying to get in with the morning crowd.  The second wave at 6PM is always easier to see an order go through, even though the bulk of the inventory is released in the 10AM wave.