Two Tribes’ Final Game Rive Launches With New Trailer

Rive is out at last, and with that the lights are out at long-time developer Two Tribes.  It’s over, finished, kaput, and the end comes on a ridiculously high note.  Rive is a crunchy, explosive side-scrolling adventure/shooter where everything exists to be shot into a million chunks of mangled shrapnel, as the scavenger Roughshot pilots a cute little spider-tank through the decrepit hallways of a derelict spaceship that’s not as dead as it should be.  He’s not alone down there, although most everything exists to be pumped full of a river of lead or hacked on the fly to serve as a helper for as long as it can withstand the rigors of heavy action.  Rive is pure 16-bit action in modern-day shell, looking as sharp as you could want while still feeling like something you’d find behind the dodgy art of a Genesis cartridge.  It may be the last we’ll see of Two Tribes (barring patches and maybe if we’re lucky some kind of physical release?) but there’s no better way to end things.