Duke Nukem Voice Actor to Talk Like a Pirate in World of Warships

John St. John is known as the voice of the king himself, Duke Nukem, reprising the role in every game to date. Ready to take on a new challenge, St. John was given two options by Wargaming: begin another voice role or chew bubblegum. He was all out of bubblegum, so he’ll be joining World of Warships as the “pirate voice over” in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day. St. John’s voice now appears in the game in pirate form and the voice will remain beyond “Talk Like A Pirate Day” as an in game sound option gamers can toggle on or off.

“Finally, the pirate voice I’ve had inside my head since I was a kid can be heard out loud in World of Warships,” says St. John. “Too bad I have such a hard time playing the game wearing this eye patch.”

Additionally, captains will be able to earn a special skull and crossbones “Jolly Roger” pirate flag on Talk Like a Pirate Day (Monday, September 19). Simply win one battle on that day to festoon your vessel with the prized booty.