Slain: Back from Hell Heads to PS4 This Month

Side-scrolling hack-n-slash platformer Slain: Back from Hell sees players take on the role of Bathoryn, a warrior tasked with finding and murdering six overlords of six cursed realms until he can make his way to bad guy Lord Vroll. With some slick pixel animations, plenty of blood, gory death animations, and high contrast colors, this first release from developer Wolf Brew Games is meant to capture the feel of good old fashion heavy metal. Since its original PC launch, the previously-named Slain! has been remastered and revamped with a redux update in August – renamed Slain: Back from Hell just in time for its console release.

See the PlayStation-labeled launch trailer for the redone build of Slain below. Slain: Back from Hell is available September 20 on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One October 5, with a PlayStation Vita launch later this season.

 For more on Slain, see our review of the original build of the game on release.