Star Wars: Uprising Shutting Down

After over a year on the market Disney’s mobile game Star Wars: Uprising is sunsetting in November. Word of it’s shutdown came from a post on Kabam’s community forum.

Star Wars: Uprising is an action role-playing game akin to Diablo set in the time period between Star Wars: Episode VI and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You’d create a character and zip through the levels collecting loot drops and leveling up. There were even events that players could partake in to help dictate the development of future content.

Other than Star Wars: Uprising not making enough money it’s not clear what led to the decision to shut it down. Players with the app already installed on their mobile device can play the game until November 17, 2016 but if you’re trying to download it for the first time you may run into trouble as it’s already been delisted from the iOS store.