A Closer Look at ‘Robinson: The Journey’

PlayStation VR launches in North America on October 13 and will immerse players in a new world of video games that they’ve never ventured into before. Robinson: The Journey is one of those games in its visual performance and stunning gameplay, being able to view an alien world through the eyes of someone who is actually there.

PlayStation recently recorded a type of podcast called ‘PlayStation VR Sessions’ were they talk more in depth about the game and what their thoughts on having played it are. Sid Shuman, one of the hosts of the podcast, says, “This experience left me speechless, outside of occasional cries of “woooooow.” I explored a prehistoric alien world populated by dinosaur-like creatures. Using DualShock 4, I navigated tricky paths through soaring treetops while hungry raptors nipped at my heels.”

That being said, we won’t have our hands on this title until later this year, hopefully. Until then, you can check out the episode on PlayStation’s SoundCloud as well as any previous ‘PlayStation VR Sessions’ episodes for more of an understanding on what is coming up for PlayStation’s newest hardware.