Screenshot Saturday Featuring Sky Rogue, Monarch Black, Eleven More

Screenshot Saturday keeps on going even if the weeks fly by a little too busy to chronicle its output sometimes.  It’s been over a year since this feature started last September and each week has seen more new and fantastic games show up than would seem possible.  There’s a few recurring favorites, of course (Monarch Black and Dr Spacezoo below always post great images or video clips, for example) but the bulk of each feature has been new games making their first appearance.  Some fall into the void, never to be seen again, while others have gone on to earn a comfy spot in the Steam top-sellers list.  Whatever may happen to these games, at the time they post their Screenshot Saturday images they’re all loaded with potential, or at least an entertaining picture or two.  This week’s batch is like every week’s batch, in that it’s fun to look at and could go on to be anything.  And as usual, don’t neglect to let the animations animate, because there’s a lot of great information hiding behind those static blue arrows.

Final Fleet-  Build a fleet, grab a pair of fighter ships with the Vive’s controllers, and defend your base against the enemy’s attack.  Final Fleet is a wave shooter given a fancy interstellar war-party makeover, complete with nukes.  The main draw, of course, is the ability to turn your hands into fighter craft while trying to resist the urge to make your own “Sheeee-OOWWWW” noises while playing.

Monarch Black-  Nature’s deadliest killer, the butterfly, takes to the sky to wreak havoc on nature once again.  Or gather up as much glowing pollen as possible in the detritus of a post-human world while the remains of nature strive to do the same.  Whichever of the two it is, it’s good to see that the progression of evolution involves lasers.

Killing, My Friend-  A cinematic multiplayer four-person co-op shooter focusing on wild stunts and stylish action.  Last year’s Kickstarter didn’t go so well but development has continued, and now in addition to slow-motion dive-rolls you can enjoy a peaceful cup of tea.  Probably while dodging bullets, of course.

Arcus Chroma-  Other than a name there’s not much available about the game these characters will be in.  They look fighter-y though, so possibly some kind of Smash Bros-inspired brawler?  Whatever they’re in it will be nice to see them start to move and live.

Dr. Spacezoo-  When the AI controlling the zoos of space goes rogue, only Dr Spacezoo can save the interstellar bestiary caged within.  Correction- only Dr Spacezoo can give you advice on saving the critters, seeing as he’s overseeing the operation instead of piloting the heavily armed ship that’s as capable of mowing down the animals you’re trying to save as the robots overrunning the station.

Angry John-  Aliens have abducted Angry John’s chickens.  While this makes a nice change from the standard cattle molestation it’s still unacceptable behavior.  John grabs his gun and gets his roguelike on, blasting through randomized levels while stacking mod after mod onto his weapon until no alien is left standing and all the chickens are rescued.  Thankfully they seem relatively explosion-proof.

Joy: The Game-  Super-colorful paddle game about bouncing a ball a number of times to trigger a wave you’ll need to catch to maximize score, then doing it again.  Each bounce in the first phase takes out one of the squares in the middle, and then the stream bursts forth from the unguarded center.  It’s a little simple but also super-early, and while there’s more to come it’s hard to imagine it will get much more vivid.

Sky Rogue-  Fantastic low-poly jet fighter that feels like something you’d have played on the Sega’s Model 1 hardware back in the day.  Take off into the (mostly) blue skies and dogfight your way to victory, and then pound the ground targets on a missile and bombing run that leaved behind a smoking husk where an enemy installation used to be.  Assuming you don’t plow into a guided missile at full speed, of course, because while Sky Rogue is wonderfully arcade-y it’s also fairly unforgiving.

Decay of Logos-  Action/RPG that aims to be a cross between Zelda and Dark Souls, with the meaty combat of the latter mixed with the adventure and exploration of the former.  A young woman is out for revenge after the kind of bad things that motivate this kind of adventure happen to her, joined by her Epona-equivalent of a mystic elk. It’s looking very pretty with its sun-drenched ruins, and hopefully its combat can match the art style.

Velocidevorium-  Just your standard game of Snake, except the snake can jump from one 3D surface to another as they twist and shift into new formations.  The entire game is being made with a claymation look, because everything is better in claymation.

Battle Machid0-  Giant hulking robots are going to duke it out and there’s no point in trying to stop them.  If the fight happens to take place in a highly destructible environment that’s all the better, but a beautifully lit and modeled town in the desert is even better.  What else may happen aside from giant robots creating explosions in an Unreal Engine-generated town is still unrevealed, but for the moment that’s more than enough.

Rym9000-  Despite the horizontally-scrolling nature of this logo RYM9000 is actually a vertical shooter.  One that’s a bit tricky to visually untangle thanks to its glitch aesthetic, but that’s also what gives the game its distinct style.  The linked demo is level 3 and so far I’ve only gotten to what I assume is the final boss with a score of 1115.  Those big wheel-ships that throw out the bullet streams are a bit tricky.

Bonus Image

Bread-  Some days need game development, other days are more for baking purple bread.  That’s just how the world works.