Hitman Goes After Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in Latest Episode

Agent 47 has made a lot of targets in his storied career as a professional hitman/Jason Statham lookalike, but this one might be his most infamous yet. In the recently released Episode 5 (Colorado) of the episodic version of his latest adventure, there’s an Easter egg that can be heard between two soldiers inside an old shed, clearly referring to 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee and Trump Steaks founder, Donald J. Trump.

One of the soldiers says how he respects the one with the “famous hairdo with the well researched facts and figures” which sounds just like the high stamina Trump we know and love, believe me, believe me.

The other soldier? Total loser, bozo and crooked, doesn’t take the patriot soldier seriously. This American hero, Trump supporting soldier is a great guy, the best guy, knows how smart Trump is. Other soldier total loser who gets himself captured by Agent 47 and refuses to release his e-mails, not a hero. I saw it folks. I hear #losersoldier didn’t even put up a fight, people are saying this. I would never give up information about this country to a bald guy in a suit, okay?

Watch the full video below, or if you’re too impatient to watch a 45 second clip, then read the transcript below it:

“I just watched an interview with that billionaire presidential candidate last night, you know the one with the famous hairdo. That guy seemed so well composed and has such a refined academic way to use his arguments, flanked with well-researched facts and figures. He’s honest and trustworthy, don’t you think?”

“Are you serious? I…I honestly think you are in need of professional help, right here, right now.”

“You know what? Screw you, you don’t respect me.”