Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign War Stories Detailed

Dice has dished out the details concerning Battlefield 1’s War Stories, which make up the game’s single player campaign.

We finally got our first taste of Battlefield 1’s single player campaign a few days ago. Dice not only dropped a new trailer, but also the fact that Battlefield 1’s campaign will be split up into different segments called War Stores. This new structure puts players in different character’s shoes at different points in the war. It also provides unique gameplay as each character have very different jobs on the battlefield.

Dice has laid out details about each War Story. There will be a total of five War Stories, and each will take players to different locales. Here’s a breakdown of each War Story:

  • Friends in High Places – The allies are losing the war in the air. Britain struggles to compete with the German aces and the average lifetime of a combat pilot is 17 days. You must face these bleak odds and take to the skies for a noble fight over the western front. Intense dogfights, unexpected encounters, and a story of friendship await you.
  • Nothing is Written – In the Middle East deserts, Arab tribes rebel against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire. The Empire’s devastating artillery engage rebel forces wielding rifles from horseback. As a Bedouin warrior working alongside the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, you must find a way to take on the technologically superior enemy and destroy a deadly railgun.
  • Through Mud and Blood – In the autumn of 1918, British forces prepare for a mass assault on the town of Cambrai, France. With tank support, Allied Command believes a breakthrough is a certainty. But the Mark V tank has one major flaw: it is not reliable. Join a dysfunctional tank crew who battle their way behind enemy lines as they learn to work together.
  • Avanti Savoia – Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire are deadlocked among the Alps. Braced by snow-capped mountains, neither side can find a way to dislodge their enemy. Meanwhile, the Italian mountaineer regiment Arditi prepares an unorthodox assault. Don your Arditi armor and head up a mountainside as Italian and Austrian forces clash over a strategic fort.
  • The Runner – The British Empire intends to open a new front to the war with an unprecedented naval invasion of the Ottoman homeland. The ships gathered for the Gallipoli Landings — the D-Day of World War 1 — carry over half a million men. As an Anzac runner you’ll witness the heat of epic bombardments and a beach landing, as well as covert deliveries of urgent life-or-death messages across the frontline.

Battlefield 1 is out October 21 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.