tinyBuild Officially Announce Stealth Horror Title Hello Neighbor

It would appear tinyBuild are in mood of slowing down when it comes to officially announcing new games that they’re either co-developing or publishing and today is no exception. Following a series of teasers over the past week, the developer/publisher has officially announced one of their upcoming titles, Hello Neighbor — a first-person stealth-horror title developed by Dynamic Pixels. Hello Neighbor had previously attempted funding via Kickstarter and following a successful Greenlight campaign on Steam, the game has now been picked up by tinyBuild.

Alongside its cunningly deceptive Disney Pixar-esque art-style, Hello Neighbor sees you attempting to break into your neighbor’s home under the suspicion that they’re hiding something horrible in the basement and it’s up to you to discover what. The game claims to include an advanced AI system that learns from your mistakes — countering your predicted moves with traps as well as attempting to block your escape should you get spotted based on the choices the player has made previous. Hello Neighbor is expected for release in Summer 2017 and will be available on PC. Players can now sign up for the game’s alpha via the game’s official website. We’ve reached out to both tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixel regarding a possible console release. Check out the game’s official announcement trailer below.