Transcend in New Sonic Mania Teaser

Sega is preparing to bring Sonic back next year in a classic way as they celebrate the blurry hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. Details have slowly been trickling out about the semi-original remake and today another trailer was released.

In the Transcendence teaser Sonic takes a very strange trip through time and space. He sees himself as he was represented the past 25 years and there’s also a poem of sorts from the Book of Transcendence inserted below the video. The new visuals along with text from one of the levels may foreshadow the Sonic you should expect next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

“And in that moment
I saw everything.
I saw the universe.
The secrets of the stars.
The beginning of it all.
The end of it all.
The flourishing of life
My past and my present
Everything spiraling inward
I saw my enemies come and go
Saw the faces of those I would never meet
I saw the seven servers
I saw More clues
More clues
and more clues
And then…
I saw a future
A Good Future
A future in which
What once was
Is great again.”