Rare amiibo Making a Comeback at Best Buy

The amiibo craze has been dying down as of late, however some fans and collectors may have yet to pick up some figures. The initial rush meant many people were not able to get their hands on specific characters and luckily a few of those are coming back thanks to Best Buy.

The popular picks that are available for pre-order include Lucina, Samus, Pit, Sonic, Mega Man, and Gold Mario. Lucina is exclusive to Best Buy while others that have previously been exclusive to other retailers will be available to own. This is an excellent opportunity for those who may have been late to collecting phenomena.

If you are a member of Gamers Club Unlocked you can even receive a discount from the figures purchased. There are plenty of Wii U and 3DS games with incorporated amiibo functions to make picking one up worth it, or show them off on display.