Valkyrie Drive-Bhikkhuni Out Now in Europe, Soon in US

Continuing the fantastic trend for the Vita, the niche action/beat ’em title, Valkyrie Drive-Bhikkhuni has just hit stores in Europe. The US will see release on October 11. Coming out of Marvelous, the folks behind the Senran Kagura series, this new game promises to take the concepts found in that series and expand them, making this “faster, wilder, and lewder.” Players will be able to play as one of seven different characters, each with their own style, and work through twenty eight clothes shredding missions.

While the marketing focus is on the titillation factor, it should be noted that the team behind these titles have managed to perfect their fighting systems, making them incredibly fluid and enticing. Yes, Senran Kagura, the game that this looks to tie itself to by developer and style, might have started off a bit rough(it’s debatable). However, developers continued to plug away, turning in an ever improving slate of titles. For that reason alone, Valkyrie Drive looks to be something that is well worth a look for immature adults and action fans. There are certainly enough parties interested in panties on staff here that it’s reasonable to expect some more coverage on this title as time goes by. Check out the launch trailer below.