Grand Theft Auto Bikers Update Releases Today

The next update to GTA Online has officially and it is full leather jackets, spiked helmets and Harleys (although not actually, because branding).

Bikers allows you to start your own biker gang, where you can gather together up to eight players and run around causing mayhem with one another. Presidents of the gangs can promote members, as well as demote them, with promotions allowing players access to new abilities like dropping armor, set MC riding formations, and even start new challenges.

The update will also include a bunch of new clothes to buy, weapons to try out, and new game modes based around the new motorcycles. You’ll have your own base, run by the MC, which will have meeting rooms, a bar, and places to pick up missions. To earn money for upgrades and additions to the clubhouse, you’ll have to start an illegal business, whether it be counterfeiting, selling drugs, or whatever it may be.

A new adversary mode called Slipstream, which is essentially a group race, has also been added where teams have to stick together and race through checkpoints and cross the finish line first to win.

Check out the Bikers trailer below: