No Man’s Sky Reddit Brought Down, Chaos Ensues, Goes Back Up

The No Man’s Sky Subreddit was shut down earlier today by moderators, only to have it brought back up a few hours later, according to a report from EuroGamer.

Reddit user /u/R0gueW0lf, who announced the closing of the forum, said this; “So I purged the subreddit. It’s become a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion. It’s not what we intended it to be and I don’t like providing a platform for hate. I’m sorry to everyone who used the subreddit as intended but you are now in the majority. I’m sure you can find a different place to discuss this game. It’s not hard. This was my decision and mine alone. The other moderators tried to sway my opinion but cynicism got the best of me as usual.”

With the /r/NoMansSkyTheGame thread being host to around 150,000 redditers, the shut down definitely did not go unnoticed. A Community Manager from Reddit even got involved, and  commented on the thread, saying that he reached out to /u/R0gueW0lf to see if they could work something out and reopen the subreddit. Users of No Man’s Sky’s subreddit then redirected some of their complaints to him, saying that one person should not be able to shut down a whole thread.

/u/R0gueW0lf then broke his silence commenting about how moderation of the subreddit has been put on the shoulders of only a few people. “Is it possible to get more moderator support? We’ve been out here basically on our own dealing with a toxic community with little support from the admin’s side,” he said. “Moderator tools were always put on standstill after advertisements and AMAs. We’ve been waiting for a legitimate modmail overhall [sic] for longer than I’ve been a moderator, and we’re only just now getting a beta that is very exclusive. Moderators seem to be a second thought behind making money here on this platform. I feel as if there could be much better support for your first line of defense against and general hate. Lately it feels as if Reddit is more about the publicity and adverting [sic].”

Since then, a new moderator named /u/Sporkicide has taken over and reopened /r/NoMansSkyTheGame. He told users that /u/R0gueW0lf will “take a break” for a while, leaving /u/Sporkicide at the helm. The latest update goes like this, “I know the past few hours have been confusing. I’ve been reviewing the situation and working with /u/r0ugew0lf to determine the needs of this community and how the admins can help meet them,” said /u/Sporkicide. “He’s been an enormous help and I appreciate him working with us during a difficult time. He’s going to take a break and has handed the reins over to me to get the subreddit restarted. I’ve extended invitations to some of the previous moderators to get things started and will likely be needing some additional help. At the core of things, this is a subreddit and a community centered around No Man’s Sky. I’m asking everyone here to participate in good faith and leave any frustration with the recent situation at the door.”

Though the subreddit has been reinstated, users continued to complain about /u/R0gueW0lf. “EDIT: I was hoping I wouldn’t have to add this, but yes, I’m going to remove comments that do nothing but criticise the former mods. You’ll notice I am currently the only moderator, so complaints about the old ones aren’t constructive or applicable,” /u/Sporkicide told /r/NoMansSkyTheGame. He also said that he will be doing more in terms of expanding the moderating team, and keeping the thread constructive.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is also facing investigation in the UK for false advertising. Check out more on that story here.