Burning Bright, The League of Legends Star Guardian Music Video

Riot is really upping their game when it comes to skins and trailers that accompany them. Their latest additions is this great Star Guardian Music Video.

Yeah we didn’t get Star Guardian Garen, but Poppy, LuLu, Janna, and Jinx are some great members to add to the group. Along with their official release during patch 6.20 comes this music video showing that the group isn’t as cheery as you’d assume.

Jinx is a rebel and that’s just part of her charm. The video shows that even though she’s glamming it up as part of the group she’s still gonna be herself and be difficult. Lux, however, is that cheery champ and is super bummed by their argument. Come to think of it, even though Riot isn’t known for having good character lore these skins could be a great point for some fan fiction to come about. I’m sure someone is already hastily scratching away.