Monster Hunter Generations October DLC Now Available

Sharpen those blades and fill that Bowgun with ammo, the latest set of free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations is now available. This month’s DLC features the Fire Emblem armor set, allowing hunters to take on the legendary Marth’s appearance with his trusty Falchion sword and shield. Hunters looking to shine even brighter can take on two different quests in order to make the Star Rook and Blue Star armor sets, maybe even craft a brand new long sword or charge blade to make a hunter really stand out. Anyone willing to take down three Mizutsune in one quest will find themselves able to make six new weapons themed after the fierce leviathan.

For all the Prowlers out there, the Ghosts ‘n Goblins Arthur armor is now available for those brave enough to fight a Hyper Rathalos, just be sure not to get hit so it stays the armor stays one piece. Armors sets themed after Mega Man, Zombie-kun and five other series favorites are also available for all felyne companions. This DLC set adds five new arena challenges for anyone looking to test their skills alone or with another hunter. To top it off don’t forget to grab the latest item pack from the housekeeper, it’s filled with all the essentials to keep any hunter going.

All the DLC can be downloaded by speaking with the housekeeper in Monster Hunter Generations. If you want even more details on all the DLC available this month you can check here and get hunting right away.