October’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Grim Dawn, Hotline Miami, More

So it’s the first Friday of the month again, meaning it’s time to unveil what the latest Humble Monthly bundle has in store for us. Before that, though, we would like to apologize for accidentally missing September’s Humble Monthly coverage. Seeing as how September’s contents would be revealed right during the morning of the first day of PAX West, we didn’t exactly have time to cover it ASAP, as we were attempting to score as many pastries out of The Behemoth’s free press breakfast as possible. Then after that, we wound up finding ourselves too busy in the following days getting thoroughly wasted at parties with Suda51 diligently preparing for our coverage then and afterwards. So we got a bit too caught up (or I did, to be accurate), and we’re sorry we missed last month’s bundle.

So to quickly sum it up before we move on to October, September’s Humble Monthly bundle contained first-person underwater psychological horror game SOMA, epic 2D Viking RPG The Banner Saga, stylish origami typing adventure Epistory: Typing Chronicles, pro wrestling brawler WWE 2K16, post-acpocalyptic family-centered simulation Sheltered, online multiplayer murder party game Town of Salem, an exclusive demo of the episodic post-apocalyptic adventure game The Uncertain, and for the Humble Original, experimental indie game Spoolside. All caught up now? Great!

So with that out of the way, let us virtually unbox October’s bone-chilling, spooktacular bundle of…*looks at contents* Wow, really, guys? You didn’t want to play up the obvious opportunity for a Halloween theme? I mean, we do start off with the apocalyptic fantasy RPG Grim Dawn, which at least has a nicely dark atmosphere and theme, and maybe you can work the fast-paced top-down retro action game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number in there with the ultra-violence and whatnot, but then the rest is almost the exact opposite from any Halloween setup that you’d expect a gaming bundle in October to have.

Yes, after that, we have the cartoonish first-person early access sandbox game Slime Rancher (which you can have represent The Blob if you want, assuming the blob was utterly adorable), comedic point-and-click adventure game Deponia Doomsday, which does at least include another apocalypse (though less fantasy horror-based and more time-based), butt-sliding toy-themed racer Action Henk, historical yet vibrant railroad simulator Train Valley, and making its Humble Monthly debut, minimalist arcade twin-stick shooter THOTH. Not to mention this month’s Humble Original, Fidel, a dungeon crawler/puzzle game hybrid where you control an adorable dog who can’t cross his own path (and which I could have sworn was also an Adventure Time fan game as well, but that could just be me).

Actually, wait, why are we complaining? Despite not having a Halloween theme, that’s a particularly solid crop of games right there, possibly one of the best from Humble Monthly in recent months. And besides, they have the opportunity to make up for it next month in November with Stardew Valley, available early for those who join or pay in advance for the bundle. What else works better for a cornucopia of Autumn/Thanksgiving-themed games? I’m not sure what other games fit that mold, mind you, but hopefully that month’s offerings are as good as this one, so come back four weeks from now to check!