Cloud 9, You’re our only Hope

It’s happening again. First, CLG and now TSM have been eliminated from Worlds leaving Cloud 9 as the last North American team in the competition.

This is looking a lot like last year except for the fact that we’re not going 0-10. Cloud 9 take the stage tomorrow at 2-1 and need two wins to automatically advance to the quarterfinal stage. They’re our third seed team and are competing against SKT T1, I May, and Flash Wolves for the two remaining spots.

Cloud 9 definitely have a good chance to make it with Impact playing the way he is. Granted he is only one player and their dependence on him is absurd, he’s proven he can carry the squad. That along with the incredible fear Flash Wolves have of him that should at least be one win.

The scary part is that the first week they didn’t look so hot. Cloud 9 is a team-oriented…team that doesn’t shine in any lane outside of top. Jensen can carry a match sure, but we all know it starts with their top lane. After getting decimated by SKT T1 they had some come from behind wins to earn the record they have now and if they can do it again they’ll at least take us to the group stage, which after last year is some sort of progress.

Help us Cloud 9, You’re our only hope.