Guts and Glory Kickstarter Wrapping Up Final Bloody Week

Money is temporary but glory lasts forever.  Guts and Glory is the game of the future, where people and even entire families compete in the bloodiest, most dangerous courses ever devised.  Bike through a minefield with the kid riding behind on a child seat?  It’ll do the little brat a world of good to see how the big boys play.  Sure, there’s the possibility of getting decapitated by a cannon ball, losing arms, legs, torso, or head to a saw blade, or being reduced to a floppy blob that used to keep its structure intact thanks to unshattered bones, but the call of fame and glory is too loud to walk away from.  Take the kid for a bike ride, hop on the ATV, or bring the whole family for a drive in the car, and the only obstacle to victory is the fragile meatsack that is so easily splattered by the deadly traps between you and the finish line.

Guts and Glory popped up on Kickstarter a few weeks back with a demo showcasing the unspeakably funny violence of its obstacle courses.  Each track is set in an open area allowing you to choose the best line to get to the next checkpoint, hopefully while not getting shot full of arrows.  Your chosen contestant can take a little damage, and somehow even keep biking if he’s lost a leg, but a saw blade through the torso sees your bottom half continue on as the vehicle drifts out of control while your top half falls over, frequently getting eviscerated by a few more hazards before ending up in a broken, bloody heap.  A quick press of a button sees you instantly back at the start or the latest saved checkpoint, all injuries healed and any lost children safely back in place, ready to take more punishment on the next attempt.  The courses are brutally unfair but in the way that’s actually funny to see, rather than deeply aggravating.

It’s also got a lot of work ahead of it.  The art is serviceable but very Unity 101, and the overly-twitchy controls make necessary tiny adjustments far too hard to pull off.  Both items are on the To-Do list, as is plenty of new levels, more vehicles, and better audio and music.  It helps that Guts and Glory has been picked up by TinyBuild for publishing, which not only enables PS4 and Xbox One ports but also reinforces the community involvement aspect of the game.  If there’s one thing TinyBuild does well it’s getting an active fan-base involved with its games, which is perfect for one that’s so Twitch-friendly and has an included level editor.

At the time of this writing Guts and Glory is over two-thirds funded, given a recent push by a reward tier that includes Hello Neighbor.  Head on over and check out the demo, which is bloody and violent and entertainingly unfair in all the best ways.