Gears of War 4 Collectibles Guide: Act II

Gears of War 4 launches October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Like past games, players can scrounge the five Acts to find hidden collectibles that further flesh out the world of the game. This handy guide will help you find all the collectibles.

Act I – 17 Collectibles
Act II – 8 Collectibles
Act III – 14 Collectibles
Act IV – 7 Collectibles
Act V – 4 Collectibles

Act II is split into four chapters with eight collectibles to find. Chapter 4, which is on-rails, does not have any collectibles.

Chapter 1: The Prodigal Son – 3 Collectibles

1) Anya’s Favorite Flower – Before heading to Marcus’ house, go to the lit gate and interact with it to instigate a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’ll be able to collect the flower sitting in a pot right next to the gate.


2) JD’s 6th Birthday Present from his Uncle Cole – After watching a cutscene, and fighting off a bunch of DeeBee units, look to the right at the stone shed. The present is located in the back, tucked away in a dark corner.

3) COG Military Acceptance Letter – Upon entering the mansion, head to the very back left room. The letter is sitting on a desk to the right of door.


Chapter 2: Geared Up – 3 Collectibles

4) Photo of JD and Anya – After clearing out the DeeBees and downing the chopper, peek in the room right next to Marcus’ armory. The photo is lying on floor in front of the fireplace.

5) House Plans – In the cellar, when you enter the room where Marcus reveals the secret escape path, look immediately to your left. You’ll see a workbench with the plans sitting right on top.


6) Old Bottle of Wine – After the plane crashes into the barn, DO NOT go through it. Instead, go to the left and search up the wall. You’ll find the bottle near a giant wine cask in the top-left corner of the barn on the floor.



Chapter 3: Plan B – 2 Collectibles

Both collectibles are encountered during the “Choose a Path” segment. One is on the right path, and the other on the left. DO NOT WORRY about what path you choose. When your squad reconnects at the end you’ll be able to go back down the path you didn’t choose and collect the other collectible.

7) The New Ephyran – This collectible is found on the left path. It can be found in the bed of a broken down, blue truck past the gate that must be shot open by the right path team.

8) JD’s Old Toy Figure – This collectible is found on the right path. This is found at the very beginning of the path. Run past the bridge and continue straight towards the wooden shed. On the right, next to the tractor, is the collectible.


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